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Sinopsis :

Evaluate and comparing the best methodology in project management especially in term of staff competency that will affect the project delivery and successful especially in Information System Development.

  • To identify the effective ICT competency skills for CICT Staff (Through an exploratory from survey on ICT all the related topic in CICT staff competency in information system development will be reference for case study.
  • To recommend an ICT competency skill framework by analyzing previously framework (The research formulate what is the best option that suitable with current methodology or framework from the paper review and what type of the issues contribute the ICT competency almost fail completed the system development project on schedule.)
  • To formulate a set of strategy to resolve staff competency and gap analysis for the best solutions to improve the ICT competency level for CICT Staff (Through a systematic literature review of previous studies ICT Competency in information system development project to monitoring adoption, technology adoption, and factors affecting the successful of project delivery on time and how they implement with minimum issues. This will help the top management of CICT to prepare the basic assessment for the best ICT competency skill team member for the application development team.)


Penceramah : En. Helmee bin Yaacob

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