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Key Features

  • Unified Login Portal
  • Using ACID account for login
  • Guest account available upon request
  • Multivendor Access Point Compatibility
  • Hotspot@UTM Access Point Monitoring


  • Hotspot Zone :
  • Using Wireless Controller
    1. BCSI
    2. DSI
    3. CICT
    4. PRZS
    5.  F54 (Building)
    6. FAB
    7. FKT
    8. FKE
    9. Kolej Kediaman ( In progress ).

End of Services Notice For YES4G Internet Services To Residential Colleges

Please be advised 4GWiFi and wall Internet cable services provided by YES4G to residential colleges have ended on November 30th, 2017. If you are a user for any of both services, please switch to Hotspot@UTM to stay connected to Internet. You may refer to 128 Hotspot@UTM locations (provided below) to find your nearest Hotspot@UTM location.

CICT is currently rectifying several technical issues associated with Hotspot@UTM coverage in other areas. We will keep you posted on further updates regarding the coverage of Hotspot@UTM.

Source by :

Customer Relationship Management (CRM),
Center for Information and Communication Technology (CICT),
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.


System : | Email : | Phone No : 07-5532136


Key Feature

  • Wireless Hotspot@UTM Service in selected location
  • Preventive Maintenaince weekly / Monthly based on zoning concept
  • There are 8 Zone in UTMKL, each zone assign to separate technical staff
  • Using Xirrus Technology on Wifi @ UTMKL
  • Total Access Point – 220 including @ Kolej Siswa Jaya (KSJ), Setapak
  • Cover up to floor / room area in UTMKL main campus. (85% coverage)
  • At KSJ, Wifi only cover Hotspot at each floor.
  • Wifi network support up to 200 concurrent user for each location
  • Using ACID account for login
  • Using Single Access ID named CICT
  • Support Roaming features


Wifi @ MJIIT

  • Provide 28 Array Access Point
  • – cover 60% coverage

Wifi @ Menara Razak

  • – cover 90% coverage

Wifi @ Main Campus

  • Provide additional 100 unit AP
  • – cover 80% coverage at floor/room area