Calling for UTM staff and students.

Registration is now open.

Come and join our healthy lifestyle program.

Virtual Fun Run 2022

Successful runners are entitled to:


e Certificate

UTMACAD merit points (for student)

Sports involvement points for LNPT/LPPT (for staff)

Lucky Draw (refer to About The Lucky Draw)

It’s not about your speed but your steps for a healthy lifestyle.

Finish your run with three simple steps :


Register Yourself

Before or on 31 July 2022

  1. Open to all UTM students and staffs only (Free Registration).
  2. eBib will be sent through registered email.


Run Anywhere Anytime

15 to 31 July 2022

  1. The minimum accumulated running distance is 5KM.
  2. You can run, walk or jog with your own pace anywhere including on treadmill.
  3. You are required to record your activity using any Running Apps such as Strava, Garmin, Nike, Fitbit, Map Runner, Leap Fitness and etc.
  4. As for the running distance, it can be accumulated from maximum of three separate runs. However, you are encouraged to finish the running at once.
  5. Only finishers with a single running activity will be considered to be the lucky draw winner. Refer “About The Lucky Draw”.


Submit Your Evidence

18 to 31 July 2022

  1. You are required to submit running evidence (refer “About The Evidence” below).
  2. You will be consisered as a successful finisher once your submission is completed and verified.
  3. Successful runners are entitled to :
    1. eCertificate (will be sent through registered email)
    2. UTMACAD merit points (for students).
    3. Sports involvement for LNPT/LPPT (for staffs).
  4. The organizer reserves the right to reject any submission with fraud elements. No appeal will be entertained.

About The Evidence :

  1. The evidence should be in image or pdf format.
  2. The evidence must have all the following information:
    1. Distance (5KM or more)
    2. Running date (15 to 31 July 2022)
    3. Running pace
    4. Running route
    5. Apps account information
    6. Participant’s picture
  3. Participants are required to submit the evidence once only and must combine all the evidences into a single attachment.
  4. You may refer to given example.

Evidence for single run
Evidence for three (3) runs

About The Lucky Draw :

  1. Who is the lucky one?
    1. Successful finishers of 5km with a single run.
    2. Submitted the evidence before the closing date (11.59 pm, 31 July 2022).
    3. Present at the Lucky Draw event (physical/online).
  2. The Lucky Draw event will be held on 4 August 2022 during Majlis Sambutan 50 tahun UTM peringkat UTMDigital. Find the event’s details at
  3. A total of 20 prizes will be given to the lucky ones.

Lucky Draw Event Details :

Celebrate the achievement  in a Lucky Draw Session specially arranged for 5km single run finishers in conjunction with Majlis Sambutan 50 Tahun UTM Peringkat UTMDigital that will be held on :

Date : 4th August 2022 (Thursday)

Time : 9.00 am – 12.00 pm

Venue : UTMDigital, Level 2, Block D07, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Johor Bahru

Webex link :

Terms and conditions applied to become a Lucky 5km Finisher :

  1. All participants must be present at the lucky draw event (physical/online).
  2. E BIB number will be used as your identification. Please find your latest/ updated e BIB number in List of Participant Lucky Draw. Due to Google Add On increment duplicate issue, there are some cases that participant shared the same eBIB number. Hence, the e BIB number must be read together with the participant name.
  3. For physical attendees, once your e BIB number is being called, you can receive the prize immediately on the stage.
  4. For online attendees,
  • Kindly use this link to join the event.
  • When your e BIB number is being called, please turn on your video and raise your hand immediately.
  • Our technical PIC will acknowledge you.
  • If any number that is being called has no response for 10 seconds, it will be discarded and the next number will be called.
  • Your prize can be claimed at the UTMDigital Johor Bahru Office on the 7th August 2022 onward or at the UTMDigital Kuala Lumpur Office on the 15th August 2022 onward .


What if I don’t have smart watch and running on treadmill?
You can use your smartphone running apps to record your activity or add data manually to your running apps. But you need to take photo of the treadmill dashboard and submit to us as one of the evidences.

When will I get the entitlement as finisher?
We will email the entitlement through your email starting 1st August 2022.

I have registered this event but didn’t get the e-Bib through email.
You might provide us invalid email. Kindly contact us for further assist.

I have submitted my evidence but didn’t get the e-Certificate through email.
You might provide us invalid email. Kindly contact us for further assist.

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